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You have a Right to Clean Air!

Open-Air Sugarcane Burn Moratorium Meeting

Advocate for your Right to Clean Air
Community leaders and field experts are hosting a public meeting on open air sugarcane
burning and how it affects us all.
Kihei Community Center
303 E Lipoa St, Kihei, Hawaii 96753
Thursday, June 25, 2015
Hear from local experts on:
  • The background of cane burning and its effect on our health and community.
  • The Hawai`ian cultural and historical perspective.
  • Learn who to contact and what to do when you experience smoke and ash.
Maui Tomorrow launched the Clean Air for Keiki campaign in an effort to inform the community of air quality issues. According to Hawaii Health Matters’ indicators for respiratory disease, Maui County ranks second to Hawai`i County in adults and children with asthma.
The campaign is working with the Hawaii State Department of Health for stricter enforcement of restrictions on HC&S burn permits (not burning fields on days with variable wind and/or vog), and better mitigation measures against fugitive dust from fields.
The campaign’s ultimate goal is a move to 21st century sustainable practices by converting the majority of HC&S fields to green harvesting, thereby eliminating smoke, increasing organic matter in the soil and protecting it from erosion -- as Australia’s sugar cane industry has successfully done.
Gary Marks has been a long time activist starting back in the extraordinary social upheaval days of the 60s. He continues to be active in social and environmental movements and in particular advocating for a stop to the open-air cane burning on Maui. A 15-year resident of Kīhei, he has partnered with Rob Parsons, Environmental Coordinator for Maui County, and met personally with HC&S to lobby for our right to clean air. The video below includes Gary's beautiful vision for a sustainable Maui.
I think the (Shaka Movement) GMO Model is a phenominal model. Phenominal! Even if we use it for water rights issues ... or whatever. (Start a) Petition, (create ) a grassroots movement. And... they can go ahead and spend their $16 million dollars... We got enough people in our movement to reach every single front door. BEAT THAT!
- Gary Marks
Realtime video recording of the cane burn that produced the above results. Miles from Kīhei.
Get Involved!
Keep the County Accountable
Download this Phone App
Report the effect of cane smoke in your area!
Maui Tomorrow Foundation has a new smart phone application: CleanAirMaui, as part of a Clean Air for Keiki campaign. This free app for iPhoneBlackberry and Android allows Maui community to use their smart phones to report incidents of excessive cane smoke; ash; and fugitive dust to the HI State Depart of Health Clean Air Branch (CAB); the Mayor Arakawa's Office; and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
To download the app, enter 'CleanAirMaui' on your phone’s app store;
for further information, call Maui Tomorrow at 808.244.7570 or

How to report smoke or ash (only report smoke at ground level), pesticide overspray and dust

• BY PHONE: Download the CleanAirMaui app

• To see what complaints have been filed go to:
• Lookup Cane Burning Complaints by date CLEANAIRFORKEIKI.ORG

All the information goes into a database and is sent to EPA and Dept of Health (and the county)

The EPA is investigating. They can use it in their investigation and anyone who wants to sue can also use the data.

Little known fact about Cane Burning:
HC&S uses RoundUp to brown the leaves of the sugarcane prior to a burn.The primary ingredient in RoundUp is glyphosate. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) the cancer-research arm of the World Health Organization, released a report which placed glyphosate, the world's most popular herbicide, on a list deemed "probably carcinogenic to humans."

Check out Rob Parsons' article, from Maui Time:

Slow Burn

Community discontent smolders over continued HC&S cane burning
Check out the report from Nature Magazine: