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Why We March, Ka'apuni Torch March 2015

Ka`apuni Kū'ē Kakou Na Moku `Āina

Here is a little reminder as to the importance of the 2015 Ka'apuni Torch March. Below are two videos from an afternoon shared with Ke'eaumoku Kapu, where we learned about the historical and cultural meaning that the Torch March represents and the significant role that it can play in Hawai`ian cultural preservation. Two of our team members traveled around the island with the torch, documenting its journey in full. Stay tuned for the Ka'apuni Torch Documentary and see the other blogs for snippets along the way...
We hope you enjoy! 
"It was so you could get one on the ground assessment of what moku was abundant, yeah, and not only in resources now...well, I think everything is resource. Even when it comes to tradition, culture, protocol, all that is included."
- Ke'eaumoku Kapu
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"So we can make sure that we the ones that gonna make the decisions on what needs to happen in our area. And the more people we get involved, the more people that we can get assertive in being a spokesman for the 'āina, cuz the 'āina no can speak, our waters no can speak. We gotta get our people to rise up, to lock arms and say, ‘I’m here to speak for the 'āina and the kai.' " - Ke'eaumoku Kapu