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Trinette Furtado on the Hawai`ian Immersion School Movement

Why Ka Papahana Kaiapuni is essential to preserving Hawai'ian culture

Hoʻomau, this Saturday, March 28th, is the annual fundraising event that supports programming for Pūnana Leo o Maui Hawaiian Language Immersion preschool. This is the premier Hawaiian language and entertainment event of the year for the entire ʻohana (family)!

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Trinette Furtado, parent rep and mother to 9-year old Hokua at Paia Elementary, speaks eloquently about the importance and necessity of Hawaii's growing immersion school movement—an inclusive and expanding program available to all kids across the state of Hawai'i. 

Please join us this Saturday in supporting the only Hawai'ian Immersion preschool available here on the island of Maui, Pūnana Leo o Maui.

"Preschool, as we all know, is important for children, and why not have that be where we start them learning about what it means to mālama each other...what it means to mālama your kupuna."
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