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The Power of the People

Bruce Douglas, Co-Founder of the SHAKA Movement and Earth Day Maui Festival

Everybody's piece counted...everybody's action, everyone's door-to-door, everybody's contribution of money and time and dedication. We needed everything. There wasn't one piece that wasn't needed. There was a place for everybody's talents...
If we hadn't all wouldn't have happened. That's a real lesson in everybody does count and to make room for everyone's creativity to have their place...we want to encourage that and say 'yes that counts...'
Maui Earth Day Festival 2015 
 Locals for Local Change Tent 

Our Locals Team will be hosting several interactive activities to inspire creativity, gather wisdom, motivate action and leave participants with next steps. Our team will be available throughout the day to share and take questions. Please come!

12-2pm: Design for Change - A creative collaboration whereby a group of people will be guided to identify ‘hot spots' and ‘bright spots’ in their community, imagine best-case scenarios and then be guided through a process of brainstorming how to reach those goals. As patterns emerge, groups are identified to focus on certain areas and support movement forward. 

3:30-5:30pm: Pro-Action Café - A fun facilitated process by which we will circulate 20 to 30 people in the tent to help focus and brainstorm project ideas from our local community leaders. Each group leader should walk out of the room with many ideas, contacts and next actionable steps.

Open Space Activities: all day

Maui Map Activity: A table-sized map of Maui will be available throughout the day to write, draw and mark up with our community’s mana’o. We are looking for people who know of streams that have dried up, endemic and/or invasive plants hidden in valleys…any collective wisdom we can gather to help us better care for our island!

Acoustic Hawai'ian Style Music: Maui’s own Pat Simmons Jr. will be gracing the "Locals" tent with ukulele, guitar and original vocals throughout the day. 

Living Compass, Maui's most exciting new school for Earth Centered education and sustainable living will be demonstrating a few of the skills they teach their students: cordage making, fire by friction and palm leaf creations.

Aloha 'Āina Power Corner is where you can find the most important and current issues, sign petitions, write letters or testimony or find out who to call regarding specific issues. Learn what's happening on Maui and make your voice heard!

Two stages of live music, information booths and a silent auction as well as many environmental and social awareness organizations will feature their important work on Maui. There will be food booths providing delicious, healthy foods and a healing zone with massage therapists, intuitive healers and body workers.

2-3pm on the main stage there will be a special, educational, inspirational hour with a number of speakers offering their 6 minute contribution on the theme:

“How to co-create a healthy future for Maui? Challenges and Solutions.”

2pm the Keiki Parade starts at the keiki zone and ends in the dome, where there will be play, music and games for the children. This is to support parents to be free to join the educational hour on main stage. At the end of the hour the children will parade back to the main stage where they will do a presentation of their own.