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Taste of School Gardens

Grow Some Good

Yesterday evening was the 3rd Annual "Grow Some Good: Taste of School Gardens" event, which took place at the Hotel Wailea. 
Grow Some Good is a nonprofit community program dedicated to creating hands-on, outdoor learning experiences that cultivate curiosity about natural life cycles, connect students to their food sources and inspire better nutritional choices. In addition to helping establish food gardens and living science labs in local schools, we provide resources and curriculum support through community partnerships in agriculture, science, food education and nutrition.
Guests listened to live bluegrass music from Aloha Chicken while trying a variety of dishes from some of Maui's top chefs. Ingredients were sourced from the school gardens themselves and from donated produce by local farms. A live and silent auction closed out the evening, featuring winnings such as tickets to the Ulalena show or an afternoon of flying trapeze in Lahaina. This was an event truly held by and for the Maui community! 
Below are a few glimpses into the evening as well as a beautiful video that details the importance of programs like Start Some Good in our community! 

“It's one of our major goals to be inspiring our future farmers and community gardeners...inspiring them to think differently about food so that they actually have a direct and personal relationship with the food they're producing for their community."

- Kirk Surry, Co-Founder