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Restoring Soul to Hawaii's Soil, Alika Atay

Traditional Hawaiian Farming Practices
Make ya own!
FPJ's Fermented Plant Juice

Learn a powerful and easy Traditional Hawaiian Farming Practice for
converting your abundant weeds into a source of nitrogen for the rest of
your garden plants that you actually want to encourage to grow.
Hawaii Farmers Union, West Maui (Mauna Kahalawai) Chapter President, Alika
Atay speaks about the science behind and demonstrates how to convert
weeds into a fermented plant juice (FPJ). This natural form of nitrogen
can then be applied to your new growth plants to encourage them to be
Want to learn more?
Check out the flyer below for an upcoming workshop on natural farming techniques and soil restoration.
"It goes back to creating and monitering good soil, to good plants, to good vegetable and fruits ... to good people." - Alika Atay
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