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Protect Mauna Kea


Mahalo to (Joshua) Lanakila Mangauil for holding and modeling such a space of aloha and true leadership (see video below). Our kupuna (elder) Pua Case also speaks of the sacredness of Mauna Kea and why the people of Hawai`i are protesting everyday and standing strong on this sacred mountain to prevent the construction of an 18 story high telescope. This would be the second largest telescope in the world, requiring 64,000 cubic feet of excavation and leaving an 8 acre footprint in its wake. This mountain contains the largest aquifer on the island as well as an active volcano.

File a formal complaint for violating desecration laws:

Sign the petition to the Governor to:
• Immediately halt all TMT-related construction on Mauna Kea.
• Immediately stop all arrests and other interference with those standing in protection of Mauna Kea.
• Upon thorough review of the facts presented to you, revoke the CDUA that was wrongfully issued to the TMT project, and protect Mauna Kea from further destructive development from here on.…

For non-Hawaii residents especially, complain to the tourism board and demand they urge Governor Ige to stop the TMT and conserve Mauna Kea: tel: (808)973-2255

Learn more about the cultural, legal and environmental reasons so many people are passionate about stopping TMT at and please spread the word.

To contribute for bail money and support our Mauna Kea protectors:

Mahalo for your kokua!

"Do what you gotta do Hawai`ian. 
I die on this 'āina. 
I love you guys, buy my love for this 'āina is more important. 
Everyone think Hawai`ian is one race. Hawai`ian is a duty to the 'āina.
This is our lineal descendant. That's our Kupuna up there. It's not going to get bulldozed today."
Seven Deadly Sins According to Gandhi:
Wealth without work
Pleasure without conscience
Worship without sacrifice
Politics without principle
Commerce without morality
Knowledge without character
Science without humanity
Mahatma Gandhi
speaking to the police:
"We can stand here with all our generations, because we know it in our heart, we are in the right....
In my humble sovereign spirit to yours, I ask you to stand strong. Question those authorities. You are sovereign, you have every right to do that. Because they are now asking you to destroy that which will destroy our waters, continue to destroy our waters... In a uniform and united force you can speak loud words. Or in a uniform manner you can march to the fiddle to your masters...
Follow your sovereign heart and spirit. The mountain calls to me."
~ (Joshua) Lanakila Mangauil