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Maui County Eat Local Challenge 5/17-5/23

Join us in a week long challenge to eat ONLY locally grown or raised food starting this Sunday!
"The State of Hawaii currently imports 85-90% of its food. This heavy reliance on imported foods makes Hawaii extremely vulnerable to many external factors, as any disruption to the state’s import chain would leave Hawaii with a severely limited food supply.
Let's begin to break our dependance on imported food by supporting and identifying our local farmers. We can help each other by promoting and showcasing local products and businesses on Maui that will aid in our success in this challenge!
Through this exercise, we can get a better idea of what it truly means to be eating local and hopefully pick up some better habits along the way. Anytime we can substitute a local product for an imported one we are injecting money back into our local economy as well as helping us all move towards a more self sufficient future."
For more information, conversation & inspiration on this archipelago-wide challenge check out and this FB event page Project Locavore and invite your friends!