Please join us as we stand together for Haleakalā FRIDAY, MAY 15TH. In the spirit of Kapu Aloha, we again will take our message to the streets; share information and aloha with those we come across and continue to show that we will NOT be quiet about the desecration to our Wahi Kapu and we will NOT let it continue.

Bring your signs, wear your shirts (if you came to our first shirt printing event) and just bring yourselves. Let's kāko'o Haleakalā! Don't let her be forgotten!
Please come and share with your networks!

It is a privilege, not a right, to use sacred sites. Some institutions desecrate sacred indigenous sites which are native people’s source of a different kind of knowledge. At odds are divergent cosmologies and the power of uncompromising researchers’ knowledge versus the strength of indigenous ways of knowing. A key component in these clashes is the willful disregard of Native sovereignty and ever-mutating forms of colonialism.

Let's mālama our Mauna together! Aloha 'Āina!