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Lei'ohu Ryder on
Aloha in Action

After several weeks of holding the beginnings of this project it is incredibly exciting to offer you a first peek into 'Locals for Local Change!' The following video is the first of many stories that we will be sharing here on our blog. These clips are all part of our interview process which is a core piece of our 'Discovery Phase', the first component of the Appreciative inquiry tool. By opening dialogue with members of our community such as, Lei'ohu Ryder on what has worked within our larger People's Movement we have begun to collect the larger story of some of Maui's most recent happenings. 
Find out more about Lei'ohu's service projects occurring locally and internationally at Aloha in Action:
Stay tuned for future clips of inspiration, insight and stories from Maui's own Peoples Movement. 
"And I thought to myself, yea, this is what leadership looks like. We don't find it in the halls of government, this is what leadership and Aloha in Action looks like."
- Lei'ohu Ryder