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Kū`ē Petition

Hawai`ian Kingdom Patriots, Clare Apana & Jocelynn Costa,
reawaken Queen Lili`uokalani's historic petition

"What we've experienced with the petition now is that it becomes a healing process for our people. Because it doesn't just allow them to sign a document, but it actually allows them to connect with their kupuna."
~ Jocelynn Costa
These upcoming events are a great way to meet these courageous women, sign the petition and/or get copies to bring to your 'ohana to sign.
NOTE: There is a place for non-Hawai'ians to sign as supporters!  

April 24, 6pm-April 25th midnight: OWA Ho'olaulea, Maui 

This is a Drug and Alcohol-free event, sponsored by Hui Pono `Ike Kanawai (HPIK) and is open to the public.

The translation of the theme Ua Noho au a Kupa talks about the relationship between mother, grandmother and child, how the child grows and becomes accustomed to the face, smell, voice of these two significant people in this child's life. This is the kauna (hidden or deeper meaning) behind the theme.

Presentations: Genealogy, Kū`ē Petition, Burial Council's function, HPIK Law of 1869 and how it applies today, Aha Moku O' Wailuku, Limu restoration, music and food.  

Contact: (808) 281-4344

April 25 & 26: Hāna, Maui - Taro Festival (Hāna Ball Park)
For more information or to get copies of the petition for your family to sign:
Contact Clare Apana at:
Ka'apuni Torch March 2015, Hāna, Maui
Ka'apuni Torch March, Kihei, Maui
"What they had was their will...
Hawai`ians acted with remarkable unanimity to preserve their independence, to preserve their lāhui."
~ Jon Kamakawiwo'ole Osorio   
  Center for Hawai`ian Studies
"Let us take up the honorable struggle. Do not be afraid. Be steadfast in aloha for your land and be united in thought. Protest forever the annexation of Hawai`i, until the very last patriot lives... "
~ James Kaulia, President
  Hui Aloha `Āina Kāne
Ka'apuni Torch March 2015, Kihei, Maui
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