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Ka`apuni Ku'e Kakou Na Moku `Āina

Torch March

Since our invitation into the world of Hawaiian Sovereignty via the opening festival for the Makahiki Season, we have had the honor to attend planning meetings for the 2015 Ka'apuni March. During the time of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Ka'apuni was an annual pilgrimage that had cultural, social and economic significance to the Hawaiian community. In 2009 Ke'eaumoku Kapu revived this cultural practice and raised awareness by carrying a lit torch around the 200 miles of Maui's circumference. The result of his actions were the foundation of the Aha Moku 'O Maui Council, reconfirming the borders of large districts (mokus) in Maui, and naming a representative for each district. 
We are traveling around the island, documenting the journey to support with education and promotion of this traditional Hawaiian completion of the Makahiki Season of Lono. Please continue to look for posts and updates on this blog and our Facebook page.
This first video is an introduction to the Ka'apuni March and gives specific guidelines as to how you can best show your support and participate.
Official checkpoints locations and times listed below