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Defend the Vote

Rally at the Maui County Building

For those of you who could not make it, a few images from yesterday's rally at the Maui County Building. Because our vote is not being upheld within the court system, it is up to us, The People to see it through. Below are a few words from Beth Savitt, SHAKA's president on how you can support!

"Justice has been denied one more time. On Tuesday, March 31, The Shaka Movement and two hundred supporters appeared on the front lawn of the County building to tell the world—we will defend our vote! We need your help to stand up against the giants and continue our community building, education, media-awareness and legal efforts. We need your help to continue to stand up against giants. Tuesday, Chief Justice Susan Mollway canceled our court hearing—again. And last week the World Health organization submitted a report listing glyphosate, Monsanto's deadly chemical found in Roundup and several other weed killers, as a probable carcinogenic. Those who live in Maui County are directly affected by the combination/overuse of this deadly poison and hormone-disrupting chemical. In 2013, the EPA actually raised the allowed limits of glyphosate used on our food.

Please join us to protect our health and environment. Help us keep our mission on track. Donate now by clicking this live link to our donate page.…/