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Aloha 'Āina Unity March

An EAducation : Ea is life, land, breath, rise up

This coming Sunday on O`ahu, hui (groups) from across the state will gather and march in a processional from the intersection starting at 10am at Saratoga Road and Kalākaua Ave, ending at Kapiolani Park. The march will proceed to Kapi`olani Park, where a rally will be held to inform and EAducate everyone on the issues impacting the management, administration and use of our `āina (land) and natural resources. 

From the global attention focused on cultural and traditional issues regarding the Mauna a Wākea and TMT issue, Haleakalā, Ho`opili, Hualālai and Pohakuloa; through the pesticide and agricultural sustainability issues plaguing Kaua`i , Hawai`i and Maui counties, it is evident that its time for us to hui pū (gather together) and share what we know, what we can do and where weʻd like to go from here.

Groups like Ku Kia`i Mauna, Kāko`o Haleakalā, H.A.P.A, KAHEA, Hawai`i Center for Food Safety, Hui o Kuapā, Sierra Club of Hawai`i, The MOM Hui, Protect Mauna Kea, and MANY MORE are supporting this massive event. The Kū`ē Petition will be available to sign for descendants and supporters.
It's not too late to join the list!
- Contact: for group and business sponsorship inquiries.
- Contact: to donate. All donations fund flights for neighbor island leaders as well as media ads and mea`ai (food) for attendees. 

Live music, information booths, voter registration, speakers. This is an ‘ohana friendly event, from Kupuna to keiki. WEAR RED! Aloha `Āina t-shirts are being designed!

What does "sovereignty look and feel like in ongoing struggles with racism, settler colonialism, and capitalism"
Lā Ho‘iho‘i Ea: Politics of Restoration and Hawaiian Sovereignty
Excellent article: "Status of litigation as of August 2015" summarizes the legal arguments and current status of the ongoing court case filed by Kilakila o' Haleakalā seeking to block further development of a massive advanced technology solar telescope (ATST) on Maui's summit. 
Click here to read Trinette Furtado's article: "Twenty Haleakala Protectors Arrested By Maui Police" 
Maui Causes footage of the Kilakila o Haleakalā "Protect" at the Baseyard.
A view from an "outsider's" perspective on Mauna Kea.
Lanakila Mangauil makes a speech on Kapu Aloha for the crowd during Mele ma ka Mauna on Maunakea.
Mele ma ka Mauna | Lanakila Mangauil: “What is Kapu Aloha?”
Mauna Kea and the Mauna Protectors livestream page to stay on the pulse of current events relating to Mauna Kea as it happens. Demos, hearings, press conferences and the like. 
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