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A Few Words from SHAKA's Mark Sheehan

Shaka Movement Board Member
One of Maui's 5 Citizens

The March 31st GMO hearing on O'ahu was cancelled. This is the third time the courts have post-phoned a decision on the People's GMO Moratorium, voted into law November 4, 2014. Five months later the people gathered for a demonstration of onipa`a (steadfastness) at the Maui County Building. There was a major press release as Shaka's attorney and the Five Citizens spoke to an inspired and motivated group!
Defend our vote!
"Another high point moment for me before the election was at an event when someone asked people to stand up who got more than 400 signatures on the GMO petition. There were 7-8 people. I was like, wow... 'More than 300 signatures?,' another 8-10 people stood.
There were just so many people who did such great work. It was very moving to see this. Nobody can take a lot of credit for saying 'I did it.' On the other hand, there was a lot of credit to spread around. There were so many people…and no matter how zany some of the ideas were, EVERYTHING counted. That’s what a Movement is all about…When many people take the initiative to do what they think is right and contribute to the overall success. "
- Mark Sheehan 
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