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Maui Farmers Union Unites for School Lunches!

Alika Atay, President of the West Maui Farmer's Union Chapter, makes an exciting announcement!

The time has come...Maui farm fresh food at a school near you! How many of us have dreamed our kids would be eating local organic school lunches? Alika Atay is working with the State Department of Education to provide Maui grown produce for school lunches across the Hawaiian islands. Now it's time for Maui Farmers to hui up. One farm can't fill the order alone, so farmers, reach out to your local Maui Farmer's Union Chapter and let them know what you've got! To find your local chapter check out this link -->
"The challenge now is up to us and our community... we just gotta do the 'Nike' thing. We just gotta go do 'em!"
- Alika Atay
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